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Resident Evil: A Definitive Version Guide

User Randomwab has created a very nifty compilation of differences between the different versions of Resident Evil and its sequels. There are quite a few versions of each game, so a list like this is extremely helpful! While Randomwab's list originally covered Resident Evil 1-3, I've gone ahead and added Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4 to the mix, as they, too, are known for having several versions of the game. The entire list up to RE3 is Randomwab's, so a big thank you is in order for putting this list together!

"A big problem with at least the first two Resident Evil titles is there's no real definitive version, so hopefully this will help with the differences. I'll try to make this as accurate and succinct as I can, but if I've gotten something wrong or missed something important, please let me know. I'll try to keep the OP free of pictures but will provide links to as much as I can.

Also, if a note has an asterisk, it means that this is a feature exclusive to that version. I've mentioned which version each subsequent release is based on so all of the features from that build should be included unless otherwise stated.

Resident Evil


Original version, things to note:

-No auto-aim in Western releases (Auto-aim is present in the original Japanese release)
-D-pad Only
-Censored intro presented in B&W (Fully uncensored and in B&W in the original Japanese release)
-Censored Kenneth death scene (Uncensored in original Japanese release)
-Japanese release includes alternate Opening Song & Ending Song by Fumitaka Fuchigami (click for links)
-Japanese release includes difficulty description in the character select screen (Chris = Hard, Jill = Easy)
-Japanese release includes background images for all files (Black backgrounds in international versions)
-Japanese release has an adjusted difficulty (Enemies have less health, both characters have more health, Ink Ribbons contain 3 instead of 2, Zombies are easier to defeat by shooting the torso)

Playstation Director's Cut

Based on the Playstation original, with the following changes:

-Original/Standard mode included (Based on the original Japanese difficulty for Resident Evil, see above)
-Advanced mode included (Mixes up puzzle item, ammo, health and enemy amounts/locations, Handgun with a random chance to headshot, additional Forest scene, some rearranged camera angles and retextured rooms)
-Training mode included (Essentially easy mode)
-Censored Intro/Kenneth death (French and German versions of this game have the uncensored & colour intro, however these versions are unavailable digitally.)
-Original US release was advertised as uncensored and was mentioned on the box reverse, despite the game still being censored
-D-pad only
-One new additional costumes for both characters (totals three outfits for each)
-Japanese version now uses the same instrumental Opening & Ending music from the international versions
*Retail version came with a trial for Resident Evil 2
-Available on EU PSN Store (Runs at Euro 50Hz, so 5/6th of the US version, English text & English voice acting) or on the JP PSN Store (Runs at NTSC 60Hz, Japanese text with English voice acting)

Playstation Director's Cut Dual Shock

Based on Director's Cut's cut, with the following differences:

*Infamous reworked soundtrack by Mamoru Samuragochi (actually by Takashi Niigaki)*
*Supports Rumble and Analogue
*International version has increased difficulty (Enemies have more health, both characters have less, Ink ribbons give 2 instead of 3 again)
-Not available in Europe
-Available in US as the Greatest Hits label version of Director's Cut, I believe.
-Available on US PSN Store


Same as the Playstation original with the following differences:

*Uncensored, colour opening intro video/Kenneth death scene
*Exclusive unlockable weapon for each character (MAC-10 for Jill, FN Minimi for Chris)
*Different alt outfit for each character
-No auto-aim
-Door animations are skippable


Same as the Playstation original with the following differences:

*Exclusive Tick enemies (Reskinned Hunter)
*Second Tyrant fight in the labs (Chris only)
*Battle Mode minigame
*New Alt costumes for both characters
*Reworked character/enemy models due to Saturn's 3D handling
-No auto-aim

Deadly Silence (DS)

Reworked version of the original with the following differences:

-Classic mode
*Rebirth Mode (Includes new/reworked puzzles and item/enemy locations, first person knife battle touch screen encounters, Handgun can randomly perform headshots)
*Reworked item menu for both modes including touch screen support
*Top screen used for map, ammo and health, bottom screen for the game itself
*Local Wireless multiplayer mode, supports up to four players in either cooperative or competitive modes. Features three stages (Mansion, Guardhouse, Labs) and nine playable characters (Chris, Jill, Barry, Rebecca, Wesker, Forest, Kenneth, Richard, Enrico)
-Auto-aim activated by default
*Ability to use knife without equipping for both modes
*Ability to reload while aiming for both modes
*Ability to 180 turn for both modes
*New alt costumes for both characters
-Censored intro
-Uncensored Kenneth death
*Includes subtitles for both FMVs and in-engine cutscenes
*Some music tracks are not present, replaced with alternate music (Likely size limitation of the DS cartridges)
*Loading screens/doors can be skipped
*In-engine cutscenes can be skipped
*Lower graphical quality in backgrounds and FMVs, lower sound quality overall
This link should show the differences in costumes between versions.

Resident Evil 2


Original version, things to note:

-D-pad only
-No rumble
-Normal and Easy difficulty
-Auto-aim is included, but it's need to be activated in the menu (Always on in the Japanese version, no option to disable within the menu)
-4th Survivor unlockable minigame
-Tofu Survivor unlockable minigame
-No Extreme Battle
-Japanese release has adjusted difficulty (Enemies have less health and the player has more, less enemies with different placement, different ammo/health placement)
-Japanese release has censored game over screens (You Died against a black background, no death animations)
-Japanese release game ranks go from S through D. The US release ranks A through E. The PAL release retains the S through D ranking from the Japanese version.
-320x240 resolution
-Two discs

Playstation Dual Shock Ver

Based on the original version, with the following additions:

-Analogue support
-Rumble Support
-Extreme Battle mode can be unlocked
-Arrange/Rookie Mode (Start with infinite ammo S. Machine Gun, infinite ammo R. Launcher/Gatling Gun in item box)
-Japanese release includes a USA mode under "Arranged" (US difficulty mode)
-Available for download on US and EU PSN (US 60Hz version on both stores)

Nintendo 64

Based on the Playstation original version, with the following notes:

-Does not include any additions from the Dual Shock or PC releases
*Expansion Pak support EDIT: (Enables higher resolutions, which vary based on the scenes and scale to output at 512x384. Need to look into this one further)
*16 Ex Files can be found, linking the game to both Resident Evil 3 and the then unreleased Resident Evil Code:Veronica and Resident Evil Zero
*Different unlockable costumes for both characters
*3D control method in addition to the 2D "tank controls"
*Item randomiser option unlockable (Affects ammo and health)
*Blood colour option (Red, blue, black, green)
*Violence Control option (Adjust the amount of blood and gore)
-Lower quality FMVs due to compression
-Annette's Recollection FMV streamlined to one variation meaning it will always be incorrect for both scenarios.
-Missing Scenario B credit music
*Sound now uses higher quality midi samples and Dolby Surround, although sounds much duller than other versions
-Character models were reworked, the models themselves are smoother although their textures are of a lower quality
*One Cartridge

Windows 98

Based on the Dual Shock Ver with the following additions:

-Both 320x240 & 640x480 background resolutions
-Can run at 60fps
-Slightly improved graphics for in-engine models
-Hard difficulty unlockable under Original Mode
-Arrange Mode includes Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties
-Door animations are skipable
-Gallery mode (Character model/concept art/FMV viewer)
-Two discs


Based on the Windows 98 version with the following additions:

-Runs at 640x480
-Runs at 30fps for 3D scenes with video interpolation (60fps for menus)
-VMU monitor for health and ammo
-At least two music tracks are missing and not replace, these rooms are now silent ("Left Alone" outside the RPD, "The Buildup of Suspense" in Marvin's office)
-Can be run in VGA mode
-Arrange mode difficulties retitled to Rookie, Expert and Nightmare
-Supports rumble
-Supports analogue or dpad
-Japanese release (Biohazard 2 Value Plus) has Hunk, Tofu and Extreme Battle unlocked by default
-Two discs


Based on the Dual Shock Ver with the following notes:

-Does not include any additions from the Windows 98, Dreamcast or N64 versions
-Background resolution is at 320x240 upscaled
-Slightly improved graphics for in-engine models
*In-engine cutscenes can be skipped
*Main Menu voice is different
-Analogue support
-Rumble support
*One minidisc

SourceNext PC Rerelease (JP Only)

Based on the Windows 98 Ver with the following notes:

*Updated to run on Windows XP
*Best quality CG FMVs running 640x480 and 30fps
-Hunk, Tofu and Extreme battle unlocked by default
*One DVD
-Japanese language only (Translation patch available)

Resident Evil 3


Original version. Some things to note:

-Hard/Easy difficulties (Japanese release titles these as Heavy/Light, both are easier; you have more health and enemies have less)
-Analogue support
-Rumble support
-Auto-aim default activated
-Mercenaries unlockable minigame
-Five additional outfits unlockable
-Eight unlockable Epilogues screens
-Some scenes censored in Europe, such as hunter hospital scene, kicking ankle biting zombies' heads off (These will also be reflected in US/Japanese re-releases on all platforms)
-German release censored even further (No gore, grey blood, enemies disappear when defeated, Mercs minigame broken)
-Available on both EU and US PSN Store (US 60Hz version on both stores)


Based on Playstation original with the following additions:

-Slightly higher quality in-engine models
-Two additional outfits
-All outfits default unlocked, selectable when starting a new game
-Mercenaries minigame default unlocked
-Clothing boutique is inaccessible through normal ingame methods (Boutique Key is no longer an unlockable, costumes are selectable in the menu)
Windows 98
Based on the Dreamcast version with the following additions
-Ability to run the game in resolutions up to 1600x1200 (albeit the background will always be 640x480 upscaled)
-Door animations are skippable


Based on the Playstation version with the following additions:

-Slightly higher quality in-engine models
-Slightly higher quality CG FMVs
-Runs at 640x480, same for backgrounds
-Brightness option added to Options menu
*Main menu voice is different

SourceNext PC Rerelease (JP Only)

Based on the Windows 98 version with the following additions:

*Updated to run on Windows XP
*Best quality CG FMVs running 640x480 and 30fps
-Japanese language only (Translation patch available)"

Resident Evil: Code Veronica


Original version. Some things of note:

-While the Japanese version had both easy and normal mode, the western release only had one difficulty: normal.

Code Veronica X (PS2)

Based on the Dreamcast version. Some additions and changes:

-Slightly enhanced graphics.
-Nine minutes of added cutscenes featuring Wesker.
*Contained a demo for Devil May Cry.
*Pre-orders came with a copy of "Wesker's Report," a short collection of reports written by Wesker.
-Altered character models.
-The character Steve Burnside has undergone a slight redesign, and received a new hairstyle.
-Also released on Dreamcast, although only in Japan.

Code Veronica X (Gamecube)

Based on the PS2 version, with the following changes:

*Altered voice during the title screen.

Code Veronica HD (PS3, 360)

Based on the Gamecube version. The two versions, PS3 and 360, are identical. This version features the following changes:

*Widescreen support for HD televisions.
*Improved dynamic lighting effects.
*The pictures of Claire, Chris, Wesker and Steve in the item screen have all been altered.

Resident Evil 4


Original version. Some things to note:

-Runs at 1280x720 resolution; has letterbox but no true widescreen support.
-All cutscenes are rendered in real time, in the game's engine.
-The game's hidden weapon, The Chicago Typewriter, is unlocked by beating Assignment Ada.
-The PAL version of the game includes a new Easy mode, as well as increased firepower in some guns. In addition, the listed firing speed for rifles has been changed to reflect their actual firing speed in the game more accurately.
-Leon's decapitation death scenes are censored in the Japanese release.

Playstation 2

Based on the Gamecube version with the following additions and changes:

-Now supports true widescreen.
*Lower polygon count.
*Weaker lighting.
*Voices and sound effects quality outside of cutscenes had been reduced due to audio RAM constraints.
*All cutscenes are now pre-recorded and no longer rendered in real time. As such, costumes do not carry over into cutscenes.
-There is a new sidestory unlocked upon completing the game called Separate Ways that details Ada's journey during the events of the main game. The Chicago Typewriter is now unlocked by completing Separate Ways.
-Ada's Report, a five-part documentary, was added to the game. Ada's Report analyzes Ada’s relationship with Albert Wesker and his role in the plot. Players unlock portions of the documentary as they progress through the Separate Ways mini-game.
-Two new outfits, one for Leon and one for Ashley. Leon's outfit is reminiscent of a 1920's gangster, whereas Ashley receives a medieval knight costume. Ashley's knight costume protects her from enemy's weapons and makes her more difficult for enemies to abduct.
-Movie Browser, a feature that allows the player to view cut scenes from the both Separate Ways and the actual game, has been added. The feature is unlocked after a player beats the game.
-A new weapon, The Plagas Removal Laser, or P.R.L 412. This is a high tech laser weapon that is unlocked by beating the game on Professional Mode. It can be switched to either stun or kill.
-In order to unlock the game's hidden weapons in Professional Mode, you must first beat the main game, five star each Mercenaries map with every character, complete Separate Ways, and complete Professional Mode.
-Exclusive to the Japanese version of the game, an easier difficulty setting titled “Amateur” mode has been added.

PC (Sourcenext port)

Based on the PS2 version of the game with the following additions and changes:

*Multiple variations of widescreen support.
-Notably, the port also does not allow mouse support; the game can only be controlled either with the keyboard only, or with a PC gamepad controller.


Based on the PS2 version with the following additions and changes:

*Now supports motion control via the Wii remote.
*When playing with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, the laser sight on guns is replaced with a reticle that flashes red (enemy) and green (no target) when a gun is drawn. The reticle is always present on screen, remaining a faint grey color that keeps track of the player's aim.
-Also supports the Gamecube controller.
-All PS2 extras are kept with graphical capabilities more similar to the Gamecube version.
-Like the GCN version, the game features real time cutscenes. However, the video clips found in Movie Browser and Separate Ways are pre-recorded. Also regarding the real time cutscenes, if the player happens to choose gangster Leon and knight armor Ashley as their costumes for the game, in the cutscenes they will appear in their default costumes.

HD Edition (PS3, 360)

Based on the PS2 version of the game. The PS3 and 360 versions are identical. The game was released with the following additions and changes:

-All extras from the PS2 version.
-Higher resolution textures and lighting.
-Real time cutscenes from the Gamecube version.

Ultimate HD Edition (Steam)

Based on the HD Edition version of the game with the following additions and changes:

-All features included from the HD edition.
*Multiple variations of widescreen support.
*Keyboard and mouse as well as controller support.
*Gameplay is locked at 60 frames per second.

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